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Hello! I'm Kelsie. My friends and family call me Kels, and I'm totally cool with that. I'm a portrait and wedding photographer located in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I was in high school I started a blog to keep my thoughts and adventures safe as my family moved from Minnesota to North Carolina. Through that medium, I was opened up to the art of photo taking. I quickly realized photography is more than just pushing down a shutter and posting a photo to Facebook. Photography allows for your wild and precious moments to be captured and kept forever. I'm pursuing my dream of photography and art. Creating and keeping photographs for people to cherish is where my heart is. A few things to note about me? In my spare time, you might be able to find me binge watching Gilmore Girls. For me, a life without traveling would be terribly sad. I've been blessed to travel around the world. Paris in June, Edinburgh in May, and Switzerland in October. All a dream. (In other words, I'm willing to travel!) I love capturing the world. One word: coffee. If that coffee comes in the wonderful form of a mocha, even better. Most importantly, I am a follower of Christ. I strive to honor Him in my work.


A few more notable things I love:

Simplicity. Pretending to be a good at yoga. Wool socks. JohnnySwim (check that band out!). Cozy evenings. Film. Airplanes. Exploring my city. Biking. Foreign languages. Mission photography. Photographing weddings.