Have you ever seen the beautiful styled photos of rings and wedding day details on Instagram and wondered - why? What is the point of my photographer photographing my rings, shoes, invites, jewelry, and ribbon? It is no doubt that these types of images are beautiful. In fact, I think I could photograph details for hours! I ask my brides to set aside these details on their day, so that first thing I can get to capturing pictures of the delicate details.

What exactly do I ask my brides to aside to photograph?

  • Anything that is a small item that holds value to the bride (or groom!). Such as a locket from her mother, a small gift from her father, etc. Anything that is special and worth adding.

  • The rings (of course!). This is so big to me. They are the symbol of dedication to each other for life. These small rings, have big meaning.

  • Shoes. Bride always have the best shoes. I mean, it’s a great day to wear sparkles. Photograph it! Grooms - always got to have the good socks, right?

  • Jewelry. Often jewelry is a special touch for my brides, and it is important to me I am able document what they wore on their day.

  • Wedding dress. This technically is not a small detail-but! I ask my brides to have their dresses set aside and ready to be photographed before they get into them.

  • Invitations. Why photograph the invites? Often these are the small overlooked detail, but I honestly love a good invite. They are so classy and an important detail for your day.

  • Accessories. Such as your wedding dress belt, his cuff links, perfume, etc.

  • Greenery, floral, and ribbon! It is always my dream when a florist or bride gives you some extra flowers to style. Not only is it pretty, but also fun.

So, why photograph wedding day details?

1.It adds to the story of your day.

We have all heard the photographers are storytellers, and they are. Details are just one way a photographer helps set the scene and document your story. The capture the little details that add to your day.

2. All of your hard work deserves documenting.

Seriously. You spend so much time putting this day together. For the detail oriented brides, I often love being able to take some time to showcase their hard work photographing the details.

3. It allows your photographer to be creative.

When I am able to take a moment to photograph all the little details a bride love, my creativity overflows. Putting together the rings, ribbons, or jewelry in just the right place to showcase their beauty. So lovely.

4. It is an element of your day.

The main purpose and focus of a wedding day is the bride and groom saying “i do”. But, I know so many brides love having the styled details so show that even the little things that day were important and special.

5. It allows for easier sharing.

When a bride has beautiful put together images of their wedding details, it is so much easier to share and add them to your wedding album. All together sitting pretty!

Tips and tricks!

  • Order a ring box! Ring boxes are great, because you can continue to use them after your wedding to keep your ring safe when you are not wearing it. I suggest a ring box like The Mrs. Box. Stylish and functional! They photograph well and keep your ring sitting safely for photos.

  • Set aside all of your details you would like photographed for your photographer. When the details are set aside, it makes my job easier! That way I do not have to go on the hunt for all the the details! Have the rings, invites, etc. ready and set aside for me when I arrive. This means I can get straight to creating beautiful images.

  • Ask your florist for some of the extra greenery or flowers (that they may even throw away) to photograph with. When possible, I like to add greenery and flowers to my styled photos are add a colorful touch.

  • Have your ring cleaned before your wedding day! This is not just for photos, but also because everyone is going to want a peek of that dazzling ring.

  • Have a hanger specially for your wedding dress that is not a plastic hanger. Ordering custom hangers is easy, fast, and usually pretty cost friendly. Your wedding dress is beautiful no matter what, but give it a hanger it deserves!

  • Know and trust your photograph to create something beautiful. Not every detail may need to be photographed or get photographed, so remember that your photographer knows what they are doing and creating art.


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