(You can read part 1 here!)

Through the summer, I worked my way through the Harry Potter series (just the movies;). After seeing the movies, I can easily see where J.K. Rowling received her inspiration. Falling in love with this city is easy. Gloomy days are romantic and sunny days are celebrated. Most of the time you can find both weather extremes in one day. 

 Our Second day in Edinburgh we explored the city more in depth. We spent a lot of time at Edinburgh Castle, stepping back into time. A baked potato and cafe mocha were well enjoyed at Elephant house as we dodged a sudden hail storm. A little piece of advice, don't ride on top of the bus if it looks gloomy. ;) 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

We spent the beginning of our day touring Edinburgh Castle. It was nothing short of a surreal experience. One room in the castle, was the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to King James. 

It was VERY windy at the castle. I remember one point it being so windy walking proved to be comical. Don't bother styling your hair if you're planning on going up to the castle. ;) 

This was our cool tour guide, Ronnie. 

St. Margaret's Chapel. The oldest building in Edinburgh, built in 1130

Typical tourists we were.