Over Easter weekend my family was planning a weekend in California with my family. Being apart of the airline family, we all know too well how plans can change in an instant when it comes to flying. Flights overbooked and craziness ensued. We (with broken hearts) decided to stay home and do something local. Since we've moved to North Carolina my mom has been eyeing the Biltmore, we just haven't been able to make it out yet.  Perfect opportunity to go. 


 I loved seeing the inside of the home, and the dorky Downton Abbey fan in me was pretty excited. ;) During our visit they were having an exhibition of wedding gowns from films. Inclduing the wedding gown used in the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I may have been a little excited. ;) The grounds of the Biltmore are jaw dropping (if you want an engagement session at the Biltmore gardens I'm your girl). Exploring Asheville we enjoyed shopping and visiting local gems. One of those gems being Old Europe. Go there and order a mocha, you will not regret it. Mountains, coffee, and a grand mansion. Not a bad weekend. 


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