Meet Joanna.

She lives on a farm, can milk a cow, make a delicious meal, rock those glasses, and take stunning images. Oh, and she's a stellar friend and incredibly creative.

I've know Joanna for almost FOUR YEARS, and we just met this past July. Crazy, right? If you want to hear our "how we met" story, please watch this *very* embarrassing video she posted over on her blog! When the opportunity to visit her in Ohio came up, I hopped on a tiny commercial jet and embarked on my adventure to visit her. We learned that I'm not a 40 year old man stalking her, and she's not a kidnapper. So I'd say it worked out pretty well. ;) I was given the grand tour of her family's farm, she made me a peach/mango Italian soda, we watched our favorite movies (she introduced me to Full House), and oh! We took pictures.  

One thing I learned about her while I was there? She hums. To everything. And then I found myself humming when I got back home.  She also has an AMAZING singing voice. Kinda not fair.

I photographed a stylized shoot of her and I have lots to share still from my Ohio adventure. Stay tuned for photos from that shoot coming THIS WEEK.

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